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The Reviews are In!

"Bombshell Ann Myers... is a study in comic contrast, emotionally frail, but with a Bronx swagger and sashay... she's an actress who commands her scenes." - Pamela Fisher, San Francisco Examiner


"Myers is scrumptious as Adelaide, never pushing, but just naturally conveying her dismay, depression and anger at Nathan's weakness."  - Don Grigware, Broadway World

"SoCal musical theater treasure Ann Myers in Glendale Centre Theatre’s Always… Patsy Cline for two hours of country music memories backed by a live band. Need I say more? Myers’ irresistible fireball of a Louise, a role she gives as much heart as sass." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"There is no way to describe the vocal characterization used by Ann Myers as she played the character Lina Lamont, who can only be branded as self-centered, egotistical, despicable, spiteful and borderline wicked lovely leading silent movie queen. Myers has to be seen in this part to be believed. It’s one of those parts not to be missed, really. In her solo called “What’s Wrong With Me” she tears apart the audience in laughter as easily as she tore off her movie costume; no, not completely." - Bill Brown, News Mirror

"Still, if there’s any reason to put GCT’s Guys And Dolls on your theatergoing calendar, it is the dueling star turns given by the incandescent Lundstedt and the luminous Myers, who make the eleventh hour Sarah/Adelaide duet of “Marry The Man Today” the evening’s biggest vocal showstopper. ... As for the divine Myers, it’s hard to believe that her unrestrained joie-de-ditzy performance is her first as the ever affianced chorine, so clearly is this a role she was born to play." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Ann Myers is enchanting as her giggly shop assistant Minnie Fay." - Les Spindle, Backstage 

"Myers once again proves herself a master wisecracker as Smitty." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Also funny is Myers, who nails Lina's nasal intonations and grabs the biggest laughs in her lone song, 'What's Wrong with Me?'" - Jeff Favre, The Daily Breeze

"Dana Shaw as Joy and Ann Myers as Portia lap up most of the attention as the delightfully and unrelentingly obnoxious stepsisters." -- Don Grigware, Broadway World


"Besides her choreographic duties, Myers gets to play one of the greatest “dumb blonde” roles ever written, the glamorous but bubble-headed Lina Lamont. Fresh from her hilariously over-the-top stepsister in Rodgers And Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Myers does her best work yet as Lina, screeching like a cat being skinned and stealing every scene she’s in, particularly in Lina’s lament 'What’s Wrong With Me?', a show-stopper not in the original film." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"This production glows with impeccable comedic timing of Ann Myers as Lina Lamont." - Sherli Leonard, The Press-Enterprise

"Stepsisters Joy (Dana Shaw), with her batting eyelashes, and Portia (Ann Myers), with her creaking knees and large, open-mouthed smile are the two comedic scene-stealers here. Actors often tend to overplay the comedy in these two roles, but Shaw and Myers are well-grounded and their antics are just plain laugh-out-loud funny." -- Ellen Dostal, Musicals in L.A.

"Ann Myers is a great comic foil as Minnie Fay." - Alessandra Djurklou, Press-Telegram




For Miss Myers' Choreography


"The Drowsy Chaperone"

  • "Choreography by Ann Myers displays enchanting originality, yet hews to the period." - Dany Margolies, Daily Breeze

  • "Ann Myers’ exuberant choreography pays tribute to the 1920s with 21st Century flair." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA 

  • "The choreography by Ann Myers is delightful throughout." - Bondo Wyszpolski, Easy Reader News


"Singin' in the Rain"

"Talented choreographer Ann Myers has taken the original MGM steps as inspiration for the above-mentioned production numbers, however she follows Twyla Tharp’s example (Tharp choreographed Singin’ In The Rain’s 1985 Broadway premiere) for the “Broadway Melody” Ballet and choreographs it from scratch—so splendily that only the most diehard movie buffs will notice the absence of “The Girl In The Green Dress” (Cyd Charisse in the film)." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA


"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"

"The lovely Myers doubles as choreographer, her snappy dances spicing up the proceedings considerably." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA


"Guys and Dolls"

"The production numbers... provide choreographer Ann Myers and her dance ensemble with numerous lively production numbers to execute with high energy and enthusiasm." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

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